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Proslat Storage Accessories from Ultimate Garage Calgary

Proslat Storage Accessories from Ultimate Garage

Here are some of the products made by Proslat.

Proslat makes hooks, baskets, shelves and cabinets. They offer a complete selection of sports and utility hooks, shelves and hangers, and storage devices for anything—including fishing rods, hoses, skis and the like.

Their product line includes small hanging hooks and paper towel racks. There are big bins and little bins. Proslat cabinets are made with 20 gauge metal. They're very strong and hang right on the slatwall. The bottoms, of course, are designed with wheels so they can roll around.

Proslat also offers a unique cabinet system. They offer uppers, lowers and a workbench that attaches directly into Proslat's slatwall. Proslat offers a complete system from the slatwall itself to the [screws] you need to hang the slatwall. 

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How to Install Proslat Storage Solutions from Ultimate Garage

How to Install Proslat Storage Solutions from Ultimate Garage

The nice thing about Proslat is it's a product that acts as a profile. It fits on top of insulation and it fits on top of a vapor barrier. You don't necessarily have to have drywall behind it. You have to have drywall at the back end of your garage (where it's connected to your house) but in the other parts of your garage where you don't need drywall, you can save money by putting Proslat directly over the vapor barrier itself.

Proslat can be installed in three easy steps:

1. Locate your studs

2. Put your trims on

3. Then put in the panels

When you put the panels in, there's a raceway here for the screws. The panel fits right on top. Start over with the next set of screws. Put the panel on top. It's very straightforward and has a nice, clean look. The panels are completely waterproof, as well.

To find out more information, check out our Garage Storage Solutions page or call us at 1-877-317-9311.

Proslat Storage Solutions from Ultimate Garage

Proslat Storage Solutions from Ultimate Garage

Today I'm introducing a unique product called Proslat. The company is based in Montreal.

Proslat slatwall is designed so that the screws are hidden behind each slat. The product is profile, as you can see here. It is designed to have a cleaner look than some of the other slatwall products out there. Ninety percent of a Proslat slatwall is made from recycled material.

Proslat offers hooks, baskets and many other products to fit your storage needs. 

To find out more information, check out our Garage Storage Solutions page or call us at 1-877-317-9311.

Calgary Bike Storage Solutions from Ultimate Garage

Calgary Bike Storage Solutions from Ultimate Garage


Hi, this is Terry from Ultimate Garage. Here are some easy ways to store your bike.

This is a bike storage hook. You simply lift your bike onto the hook to store it, and take it off of the hook when you're ready for a ride. When you come back, the bike goes right back on the wall like this. That's one way to hang a bike.

This is a pedal hook. You place one pedal of your bike over the hook just like this.

Both of these methods work well whether you're looking to hang your bike higher or hang your bike lower.

To find out more information, check out our Garage Storage Solutions page or call us at 1-877-317-9311.

Ok, ok, so it's not a car garage... or it is, but for lots of cars. But I thought it would be fun to look at some of the weirdest parking garages around; it might make you feel better about your own oddball, weirdly thrown together garages. If nothing else, it will make for a pleasant diversion, so here we go!

Let A Robot Park It

Dubai in the United Arabian Emirates is already known for its extravagant and innovative areas, including entire islands that are man-made, but this wacky parking garage may take a prize. From the outside: a single car garage. Inside: the capacity to hold 765 cars all managed by robotic arms which can sort and handle 250 cars an hour, parking and retrieving cars for those who use this facility.

Worlds weirdest parking









Let There Be Light!

The Parkhaus Engelenschanze in Stuttgart Germany is a palace for cars (and their owners). It features massive windows which let in a ton of light (making the garage feel a lot safer) and an interior courtyard with a waterfall, creek and plants to relax beside. It’s topped of with an innovated ramp design that means traffic going up and traffic going down never meet.

Worlds weirdest parking garage







The Most Sustainable Parking Garage Ever

 The first LEED-certified parking garage can be found in Santa Monica, California. It features 900 spaces for cars, 14 spaces for electrical cars, space for bicycles, solar panels on the roof which both shade vehicles and provide enough electricity for the building to sustain itself and was built with sustainably sourced materials. This high level of sustainability is not (yet) required for parking garages, but we can certainly see that it can be done!

Worlds weirdest parking garages









Showcasing Talent to Showcasing Vehicles

The Michigan Theatre parking garage in Detroit, Michigan, is fairly unique. Up until 1976, it enjoyed life as a theatre; however, the owners went bankrupt and were forced to sell. In most cases, a building is demolished when it is slated to become a parking garage. In this case however, demolition would have rendered nearby building structurally unsound. Instead, the theatre was retooled into a parking garage and its history was preserved to the best of the architects' abilities.

Worlds weirdest garage parking









Cars That Float

Umihotaru is a floating car park! It was built on an artificial island and offers a beautiful view. It also gives travellers using the aqua-line-the world's longest underwater tunnel-a break from the ocean to see the world. It features not only parking, but also shops and restaurants, just like the cruise liner it's modelled after.

Worlds weirdest parking garages









A Home Garage and Showcase

Finally we get to a home garage in our list. It's not a parking garage, but this one is found in a home. The KRE House garage was designed in a home to allow for nine high end cars to be parked inside. Not only that, but a car could be shown off in the living room. All this was done on a 2000 square foot plot. A mechanical platform lets the owner switch around cars to show off. The garage is actually placed at ground level and the modular home is placed on top.

Worlds weirdest parking garages









So there you have it! Five wacky parking garages and one very expensive home garage. While we wouldn't endorse basing your own garages around these things, they certainly are fun to look at and if you're ever in any of the places where these garages can be found, they're worth checking out.

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